About Minibeast

Minibeast is a three-piece band comprised of Peter Prescott (formerly of Mission of Burma, Volcano Suns, Kustomized, etc.) playing guitar, keys, noises (mouth and other) and the mind bending rhythm section of Keith Seidel on drums n’ percussion and Niels LaWhite on bass. What we do live and on record is – get sturdy endless grooves percolatin’, then plaster chanting and state altering instrumental tweaks on top and see what happens. Never play the songs exactly the same. It’s liquid music, always moving. We gratefully accept influences from Fela Kuti, Can, and the Stooges.

In March and April, we did a Kickstarter campaign to bring two albums to life. Minibeast “Ism” Volumes Silver and Gold. Along with t-shirts, posters, and puzzles (yes, puzzles). All available to the public by August 2019. Minibeast has had the honor of sharing stages with Wire, Pere Ubu, Gang Of Four, etc. We will be on tour in Fall 2019.